2nd Olomouc Religious Studies Conference

Organizers: Department of Sociology, Andragogy and Cultural Anthropology, Palacký University Olomouc

Conference date: 20-21. September, 2017

Conference venue:  Chapel of God´s Body, Centre of Arts, Palacký University Olomouc (Univerzitní 3, Olomouc), Czech Republic.

Conference language: English, Czech, German

Conference programme now available for download HERE

Call for papers can be downloaded HERE

The second annual of the conference on religious studies in Olomouc is divided into two sections:

1)     Interdisciplinary Section of Magic and Witchcraft (20 September 2017)

This international interdisciplinary seminar provides an opportunity to meet for scholars studying witchcraft, magic, vampirism, and related topics both in the context of European history and their transformations within the contemporary world, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa. It aims to search for intellectual parallels within the humanities, different theoretical approaches, and culture areas. We welcome scholars of medieval and regional history, cultural anthropology, religious studies, and folklore studies to participate in the seminar. The seminar will be divided into two main panels, a historical panel (in German and Czech, interpretation provided) and an anthropological panel (in English, without interpretation).

Keynote speaker of the historical panel: Univ. Doz. Manfred Tschaikner, University of Vienna

Keynote speaker of the anthropological panel: Dr. Isak Niehaus, Brunel University London

2)     General Section of Religious Studies (21 September 2017)

The objective of the general section of religious studies is to stimulate discussion among scholars representing different theoretical views within the academic study of religion. The conference conceives religious studies as a wide intellectual field where scientists of different disciplines that share an interest in the study of religion can exchange and mutually enrich their knowledge. The conference offers an opportunity to present research results related to the religious situation in the Czech and Slovak republics, religion and spirituality in the contemporary world, recent methodological approaches in the field of religious studies and critical reflexion of the history of religious studies. The languages of the section are Czech and English (without interpretation).

Keynote speaker: prof. Milan Kováč, Comenius University in Bratislava

Keynote speaker: prof. Josef Kandert, Charles University in Prague

Conference format: We accept submissions for individual paper presentations. Each presentation shall be 20 minutes long and will be followed by discussion.

Registration and submitting your proposal:

To submit your proposal, please complete the application form available HERE and send it to tomas.bubik@upol.cz, copying in cc katerina.mildnerova@upol.cz


·       The deadline for registration and submitting abstracts: June, 30 2017

·       Information for notification of acceptance of abstracts: July 15, 2017

Participants will cover all their personal costs, including transportation, accommodation and visas. Our staff can provide you with an invitation letter for embassies if necessary.

Conference fee:

·       Standard fee: 1000 CZK / 40 EUR

·       Reduced fee for students: 800 CZK / 30 EUR.

The registration fee includes:

·       Admission to all conference sessions

·       Conference materials (conference bag, badge, programme, etc.)

·       Receipt of payment (on request only in pdf format)

·       Coffee breaks, banquet

Payment instructions:

Standard fee: 1000 CZK / 40 EUR

Reduced fee for students: 800 CZK / 30 EUR

Please pay the conference fee on following bank accounts:

CZK account: 19-1096330227/0100

EURO account 43-3855090287/0100

IBAN: CZ9801000000433855090287


Variable symbol: 992103071

Contact person:

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tomáš Bubík, email: tomas.bubik@upol.cz

Kateřina Mildnerová, email: katerina.mildnerova@upol.cz

Publication possibilities:

Selected papers can be peer reviewed for publication in the international journal E-Rhizome.

About conference venue:

Lecture rooms will be equipped with data projectors, laser pointers, laptops with Windows OS, MS Office and pdf reader. We recommend you to have your presentation in ppt or pdf format, stored at your USB flash drive. The WiFi access will be provided. Log-in information will be given to you at the registration desk.

About the city of Olomouc:

Olomouc is the capital of the region of Central Moravia and belongs to one of the oldest cities in the Czech Republic. The region is distinguished for its agriculture, industry and beautiful countryside, as well as its historical and cultural traditions. The city dates back to the ninth century, when it was a power centre of the Great Moravian Kingdom, the oldest Slavonic state. Today Olomouc has over 100,000 inhabitants and its long history makes it one of the most beautiful cities of the Czech Republic, mainly due to its well preserved historical inner city, which after Prague, is the second largest in the Czech Republic. For more information, see the website of information centre – tourism Olomouc here: http://tourism.olomouc.eu/welcome/en

About Palacky University:

Palacky University Olomouc is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe. Drawing on more than a 400-year tradition of higher education, it is nowadays an important centre for teaching and research with almost 23,000 undergraduate students in eight faculties. You can find more details about the city and the University on the following web pages: www.upol.cz/enwww.olomouc.eu/eng/.

Practical information:

Practical information about accomodation and travel can be found HERE.


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