Conference on Migration, Religion and Asia, November 27-29, 2014

The international conference "On Migration, Religion and Asia" took place in Olomouc from November 27 to 29, 2014. The conference took place under the CHINET and was co-organized by the Center for Cultural Anthropology (Department of Sociology, Andragogy and Cultural Anthropology, Palacký University in Olomouc).

The conference program offered more than thirty presentations, including

keynote lectures:

  • Professor Martin Baumann, University of Lucerne: Generational Change of Religious Practices and Ideas among Asian Immigrants: Modelling and Interpreting Shifts among Hindus and Buddhists in Switzerland
  • Professor Eileen Barker, London School of Economics and Political Science: Here, There and/or Anywhere? Minority Religions and their Migration of In and Out of Britain
  • Professor Robert Segal, University of Aberdeen: Religious Migration and Diffusion


special guest lectures:

  • Doctor Miyama Ryo, Daito Bunka University Community College: Usage of Paper Offerings in Taiwanese Folk Religion
  • Doctor Aike P. Rots, University College Cork: Global Shinto? Invention and Spread of a "Nature Religion"

The conference covered such topics as religion and migration processes, religion in the globalized world, religion and acculturation, migration and development, migration in the globalized world, migration and the role of religion, religious and migration processes in Asia, globalizing Asia and religion, and Chinese overseas.


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