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The Department of Sociology, Andragogy and Cultural Anthropology was established in 1990. That year the departments of applied sociology, adult education and theory of cultural management were fused in a new institution. The academic profile of the new department was conceived of by its founder Vladimír Jochmann. It connects two related field of studies – sociology and andragogy.

The concept of andragogy can be considered unique not only in the Czech lands but also in the broader European context. In the 1960’s, Vladimír Jochmann conceived of the study programme of andragogy as adult education and training. He also conceived of andragogy as the science of the care and cultivation of adults. Jochmann understood cultivation in the broadest sense of the term: as the complex of activities sustaining an adult’s life, supporting his or her cultural, professional, family and personal life. Under the influence of the specific historical context – particularly under the influence of the “normalization” period in communist Czechoslovakia – Jochmann’s idea of “adult pedagogy” developed into the discipline of adult education, training and cultivation.  Up to today the discipline bears the characteristics conceived of by Jochmann: the connection to the supporting domains of sociology and psychology and the orientation towards social work and social counselling.     

In January 1990 there was a conference of departments of adult education attended by representatives from Olomouc, Prague, Bratislava and Prešov. At the event Vladimír Jochmann publically suggested using the term “andragogy” for the discipline of adult education and training hereafter. The department in Olomouc founded by Jochmann became one of the most progressive scholarly institutions in the field of andragogy. 

Vladimír Jochmann also helped in founding the combined form of study at Palacký University. At the beginning of the 90’s he founded the Centre for Distant Learning. Since that time it has been among the very few educational centres providing the combined form of study – first in sociology and later, from 1994, also in andragogy.  The Centre was transformed to the Department of Lifelong Learning – it successfully manages several grant-funded projects and above all organizes distance learning for more than 1500 students. 

Until 2000, the study of andragogy at the Department of Sociology and Andragogy was divided to four profile study areas: adult education, personnel management, social work and cultural management. Although in the beginning sociology was not part of the profile of the study program, it became the most important ancillary science to andragogy.

After the separation of the bachelor’s and master’s levels into separate degree programmes, the master’s degree programme in andragogy included two key study profiles: personnel management and social work. The adult education as the most important tool of human resources development became part of the bachelor’s degree programme.

In 2009 the Department of Sociology and Andragogy incorporated another study field – cultural anthropology. The concept of cultural anthropology and its bachelor’s and master’s degree study programmes provided by the Department is based on social work with members of various cultural and social minorities, marginalized groups and socially excluded individuals.

The Centre for Intercultural Studies under the Department of Sociology and Andragogy originated from a successful grant project oriented on the education of Roma people and was founded by Zdeňka Jařabová in the 90’s. The Laboratory for Social Research originated from another grant project financed by European Social Fund in 2011.  

The Department of Sociology and Andragogy also organizes other activities connected with the education and personal development of adults, providing various educational, creative and leisure opportunities: the University of the Third Age and the Pampaedie  -- a  school of leisure education offering workshops, courses and lectures on the most diverse topics.

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