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The proposed qualitative research will focus on the study of siblinghood in late adulthood and old age and result in an inductive-constructed theory of siblinghood (grounded theory [Charmaz 2014]). 

The objective of the qualitative research is to understand siblinghood, i.e.
(1) to reveal the core of adults’ experience of siblinghood and identify meanings related to attachments among siblings in a late age; to understand
(2) the conditions influencing siblings’ contacts and relationships and the ways in which they are influenced and with what consequences;
(3) the circumstances or reasons for their maintenance or failure;
(4) the processes of negotiation of relationships and exchange of support among siblings, or strategies of maintaining or re/constituting sibling attachments.
The qualitative study, designed as multisource research, will interconnect the perspective of particular siblings, or other family members, and will provide more dimensions of reflection of siblinghood as well as a complex perspective of the mutual interconnection of relationships defined by membership in the family of origin and in the families of procreation of particular siblings.

Supported by: GAČR–Czech Science Foundation, Project reg. number 17-07321S Project duration: 2017–2019


Team Membres

Doc. PhDr. Dana Sýkorová, Ph.D. (Responsible researcher) is an Associate Professor of Sociology. Her long-term focus has been on the sociology of the family and kinship ties and the sociology of old age. She is a respected expert in this field. She led the Seniors in Society: Strategies for Maintaining Autonomy project (Czech Sciences Foundation GA CR [CSF]) and has authored numerous studies which have capitalized on the data acquired during this project, incl. a monograph nominated for the Josef Hlávka Award for outstanding scientific literature (2007). In this and other publications, she has primarily dealt with familial integration of the elderly. In addition to her study of intergenerational relationships, her research has also touched upon relationships between siblings (Sýkorová 2007; 2006; 2008). She has dealt with the subject of the family in an international comparative research entitled The Family and Community in Central Europe; in the CSF projects Old Age and Space: Regeneration, Gentrification and Social Exclusion as Emerging Problems in Environmental Gerontology and Aging, Age and Dis-crimination – New Considerations for Czech Society as well as the research study Poverty in Old Age, undertaken as part of an ESF-funded project. She continues to study kinship ties within the context of poverty research as part of an internal PU FA grant project.

Email: dana.sykorova(at)upol.cz

Hana Šlechtová, Ph.D., an assistant professor, graduated from the doctoral study of Sociology at Masaryk University, Brno and Université Paris Descartes, Paris/Centre des études sur les liens sociaux (supervisors F. de Singly, I. Možný); her doctoral thesis in sociology of family was granted the Award of the Masaryk University Rector in 2007. She specializes in sociology of family and private life.

Email: hana.slechtova(at)upol.cz

Naděžda Špatenková, Ph.D., an assistant professor, deals with gerontopsychological/sociological issues. She has participated in several research projects in these fields, incl. projects supported by CSF (Seniors in Society: Strategies for Maintaining Autonomy; 2002–2005) or the international research project (Advocacies for Frail and Incompetent Elderly in Europe; 2009–2011). She is the author or co-author of a number of books, e.g. Education of Seniors (2015); Bereavement Counselling (2012); Reminiscence Therapy (2011), etc.

Email: nadezda.spatenkova(at)upol.cz

Gabriela Nytra, Ph.D. focuses on the issues of palliative care and widowhood in old age. She was a team member in the qualitative research Poverty in Old Age (part of the project ESF Enlarging and Developing of Research Team at the Ostrava Uni-versity; CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0080; 2011–2014), she is the co-author of a chapter in the monograph Research Methods in Social Work (2014) and the monograph Housing in the Context of Poverty and Old Age (2014).

Email: gabriela.nytra(at)upol.cz

Pavlína Jurníčková, Ph.D. has worked as a sociological research methodologist in the Laboratory of Social Research at the Faculty of Arts, Palacký University. She currently, as an assistant professor, teaches courses in qualitative methodology.

Email: pavlina.jurnickova@upol.cz


Publiction Outputs and Conferences

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Doc. PhDr. Dana Sýkorová, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology, Andragogy and Cultural Antropology
Tr. Svobody 26, 779 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic


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