PhD in Sociology

PhD Study in Sociology (in English)

Three-year full-time or combined studies

Programme description:
The PhD programme in sociology provides advanced education and academic training for profes-sions in research and development. The study is designed as multi-paradigmatic, strong emphasis is placed on linking theory, methodology and the empirical. It seeks to reflect topical issues of contemporary society in global context.
The core PhD courses include: Dissertation Colloquia; Dissertation Seminars; Methodological and Specialisation Courses; Readings in Sociological Theory; Sociological Research Practice; Theory of Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies.

Graduate´s profile and employability:
The graduates will acquire knowledge of contemporary sociological theories in the context of the canon of social thought, of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and of a chosen area of specialisation. These will be complemented with selected soft skills (e.g. communication and IT skills), pedagogical and technical research skills (e.g. scholarly editing and bibliographic research). PhD students are expected to conduct their own original research leading to a doctoral dissertation and to contribute to the advancement of sociological knowledge by participating in workshops, conferences, publications and other activities of the international scholarly communities.
The programme provides education and training for professions in institutions of higher education, research institutes and think tanks, private sector, NGOs, governmental organisations, etc.

App. test requirements:
Applications are accepted usually once a year (enrolment for the Winter Semester), sometimes twice a year (enrolment for the Summer Semester). The entrance examina-tion consists of an interview, at which the applicant presents his/her dissertation project. In exceptional cases the examination may take a written form. A Skype interview may also be arranged. Candidates must demonstrate their proficiency higher than the level of the final state exam in sociology or other social sciences related to the focus of their proposed dissertation.
The applicant must possess a Master’s degree in sociology or a related discipline (such as social and cultural anthropology, social psychology, political science, religious studies, cultural studies) at the time of application or be awarded the degree before enrolment.
The application package consists of: Structured Curriculum Vitae (signed); Verified copy of a Master's degree diploma; Course transcript or equivalent of the MA study; Dissertation project proposal; If relevant, proofs of professional activity in the chosen field of study (such as, lectures, conference participation, non-degree study, publications).
The dissertation project proposal (of 1,000-1,500 words) must define its theoretical or empirical research field, overall aim of the research, state-of-the art discussion of theory and research in the area, suggested methodological approach, and bibliography. Preference is given to projects in sociology of religion, sociology of education, sociology of work and enterprise, sociology of family, gerontosociology, sociology of gender, sociology of ethnic and marginalized groups.

Application deadline: usually March 31 or April 30 - please contact for details.

Tuition fee: 2000 EUR per year.
Contact person at the Department of Sociology, Andragogy and Cultural Anthropology:
Doc. PhDr. Dana Sýkorová, Ph.D. (PhD Programme Guarantor)
phone number: 00420 585 633 404

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