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Mgr. Jakub Havlíček, Ph.D.

HAVLÍČEK Jakub, Mgr. Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Mgr. Jakub Havlíček, Ph.D.
Position Title
Assistant Professor
585 633 398
Room: 4.21A,tř. Svobody 26,779 00 Olomouc
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Education and academic qualification:

2004 - 2009: Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts, Brno. Philosophy: Study of Religions. Ph.D. program. Ph.D. thesis: “Cesty božstev. Otázky interpretace náboženství a nacionalismu v moderním Japonsku” (“Gods‘ Ways. Interpreting Religions and Nationalism in Modern Japan”). 

2000 - 2004: Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts, Brno. Philosophy: Study of Religions. Bachelor degree program. Bachelor diploma thesis “Pramen moci. Studie k dějinám mocenského dualismu” (“Source of Power. Dualism in Power Politics”).

1996 - 2001: Masaryk University, Faculty of Education, Brno. Teacher training for primary schools: Lower secondary school teacher training in History, Lower secondary school teacher training in French language and literature. Master degree program. Master diploma thesis “Duchovní svět Karla IV.” (“Spiritual World of Charles IV”).



2013: “The Impact of Religion. Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy“, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, May 20. – 22. Presentation “Decline of Religion in the Czech Republic? Religion in the Public Sphere of the Contemporary Czech Society”.

2013: “The Third ISA Conference of the Council of National Associations: ‘Sociology in Times of Turmoil: Comparative Approaches’, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, May 13. - 16.  Presentation “Religion and Politics in the Czech Republic: The Roman Catholic Church and the State” (co-authored by Doc. PhDr. Dušan Lužný, Dr.)

2012: “European Sociological Association Mid-term Conference: Research Network 34 – Sociology of Religion: Transformations of the Sacred in Europe and Beyond”, University of Potsdam, Germany, September 3. - 5. Presentation “Religion and the State in the Czech Republic: Contemporary Perspectives”.

2012: “11th Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR): Ends and Beginnings”, Stockholm, Sweden, August 23. - 26. Presentation “End of the Statesman. State Funeral of Vaclav Havel at St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague as the Public Representation of Religion” (co-authored by doc. PhDr. Dušan Lužný, Dr.).

2012: “Současná česká sociologie: Teorie a výzkum” (“Contemporary Czech Sociology: Theory and Research”), Masaryk Czech Sociological Association, Department of Sociology, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, January 19. - 20. Presentation: “Sociální konstrukce náboženství" (“Social Construction of Religion”).

2011: “10th Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR): New Movements in Religion, Theories and Trends”, Budapest, Hungary, September 18. - 22. Presentation: “Public Representation of Religion. The Dispute Over the Cathedral” (co-authored by doc. PhDr. Dušan Lužný, Dr.).

2011: “The 7th International Conference on Oriental Studies Torchinov Readings: Мetamorphoses”, Department of East Asian Philosophy and Culture, St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation, June 22. - 25. Presentation: “Imagining Religion in Japan: Transformations of the Category of 'Religion' in the Japanese Context”.




2013: Project No. 14-01948S, “Continuity and Discontinuities of Religious Memory in the Czech Republic” (“Kontinuita a diskontinuity v náboženské paměti v České republice”), funding: the Czech Science Foundation – GAČR, research team member.

2011: Project No. 50/2011 “Preparation of the Course ‘Selected topics in Religions of Japan’”, funding: Ministry of Education, Czech Republic, FRVŠ.

2011: Project No. MUNI/21/HAVL/2011 “Scholarly Approaches to the Research on Religions in Japan: The Case of Shinto”, funding: Grant foundation of the dean of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University.

2010: Project No. 2129/2010 F5/b “New Course ‘Religion and Nationalism in Modern Japan”, funding: Ministry of Education, Czech Republic, FRVŠ.



2012: Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania. Department of Sociology: lecturing of the course “Religion and Modern Societies: the East and the West, Japan and the Czech Republic. Yasukuni Shrine Controversy. St. Vitus Cathedral and the Church-State Relationship”, 1 week, ERASMUS Programme.

2010: University of Leipzig, Germany. Institute for the Study of Religions: lecturing of the course “Modern Japanese Society: Religion, Identity, Nationalism”, 1 week, ERASMUS Programme.

2009: University of Vienna, Austria. Institute for East Asian Studies: lecturing the course “Religion and Nationalism in Modern Japan”, 1 month, CEEPUS guest lecturer.


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